Defining My World

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Day: Problems Committing

I have had rather sever problems these past few days to commit myself to something that I've intended to do. These are vacation times, soo many things come to my mind, soo many things I can do, and yet so little things that I actually end up doing.

I usually try getting up at 9:00 AM but, almost always, find myself slumbering till half past noon! I try to stay focused and make a mental note to make myself useful while I am at home, lest I face my mother's wrath. I also intend to take my time to catch up on a few things like Photoshop (I've no imagination, *sigh*), networking (kinda boring) and trying to get myself to write at least one chapter of a story thats been lingering in my head for the past few days. I was immensely inspired by J.K Rowling's Harry Potter and eagerly waiting for this weekend to arrive!

Apart from all that, I wanted to exercise. Being all thin and non-muscular is no fun at all; so I did 10 push-ups (somehow!) and 30 sit-ups (grrr!) and half-hour of calm and soothing meditation, breathing in and out, trying desperately to concentrate.

Well, I don't know what that did to me, but it sure cheered up my mom, as she made me a juicy hot fugde sundae! She's an angel. I had two hours of shut eye after that, and woke up to find, as usual, my father just back from office. I had a CV all made up to apply for work this summer, but failed to get any jobs and with the nada levels of experience I had, it really was no wonder! I gave up hope and couched back in my den, not having the slightest clue what to do with my life.. as usual!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Scrapped Princess

Animes really do teach you a lot about life... how people think, how they 'react' and more specifically, why they do certain things that they do. I used to guffaw when people mentioned about animes, simply because I erroneously believed them to be just mindless stupid cartoons made by men living in their basements and got no life!

Well, I realized I was wrong. After watching Gundam Seed, I came to the conclusion that there are still some animes out there that have a lot of depth, not only in terms of character development but the story as well. I just finished watching the Scrapped Princess and it had quite a few things that I'd like to discuss.

First, the premise: It revolves around a girl who was born as the princess prophesized, by the Oracle (whose prophecies are near 100% accurate), to be the poison which would the destroy the world as we know... when she turns 16, i.e.

And it starts off from there. The major portion of the anime deals with the Scrapped Princess' foster siblings, who have to make a rather difficult choice: Protect the world and kill their sister or protect their sister and deal with whats gonna happen to the world later. They choose the latter and become whats called Guardians, as she turns sixteen, and stand firm with the choice they've made all the way.

Now, I haven't watched a lot of animes hitherto.... but I can say this: an anime that so intricately deals with these themes of pre-determined destiny, value of our free-will and creates questions like what should be done rather than what must be done... is truly a masterpiece. I, for one, am intrigued by these difficult-to-express themes and think more and more animes should, at least try to, emulate the Scrapped Princess.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

An Ode to whomsoever it may concern

What is this that I see?
Is it a bombing? Can it be?

What is the reason? Where is the key..
to all this maddening,bombing spree?

Why did this happen? Do we not see...
that these are but branches from a single tree

The tree of tyranny,
the tree of injustice, rooted by ignorance,
bred by poverty.

Why are we obsessed with the brances,
Can't we see the tree?Should we not deal with the roots rather?
Or simply leave that be?

What are we trying to accomplish?
What is our goal, in reality?
Is it really global peace, as some say?
Or just peace with me, is enough for many'?

We need to make a choice
We need to find a solution,
We need to rip the tree from its root,
and thats the only way we can be free!

Free from invasions,
free from bombings,
free from all sorts of grandiose melee
...even if it be, temporarily

But who cares? who gives a damn?
after all, thats just the what I see